Z Builders Supply Co., Inc.               
The People You Know - The Service You Trust
Z Builders Supply is an industry leader supplying construction contractors throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. 

With warehouse locations in Chicago, Illinois and Butler, Wisconsin we are able to service much of the Tri-State area with ease.  

Although we specialize in concrete construction accessories, we also supply thousands of items from many of the industry's leading manufacturers that our customers need to complete their building projects.  Our success has been attributed to our ability to adapt to the needs of the largest as well as smallest contractors in this ever changing industry.  

With years of experience, our ability to understand those needs is unsurpassable.  The loyalty of our customers and employees is a testament to the quality of service we provide.  

                              About Us

Chicago, IL:

Team        Years in Industry
Ziggy                35 years 
Tim                  40 years
Leo                  15 years

Butler, WI:

Team         Years in Industry
Greg                21 years
Jim                  20 years